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Anti-Ageing & Hormonal Medicine

Dr Soraya Felix explains why she is passionate in this field of medicine:

What is regenerative anti-ageing and hormone medicine?

Regenerative Medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to damage, or congenital defects. This field holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs in the body by stimulating previously irreparable organs to heal themselves. (reference Wikipedia).

Traditionally, we have used various medications and hormones to limit disease and help the body repair itself. For example, hormone replacement therapy has, in many cases, shown the ability to more optimally help the immune system and thus help us repair diseased or injured tissues. Genetic research is an evolving area where we will eventually learn and utilize more ways of specifically dealing with gene defects causing degenerative disease. Stem cell therapy is another rapidly evolving and exciting area that has already shown considerable promise in treating many degenerative conditions.

"During my last several years of practice, I frequently come across patients with various complaints that I lacked a certain diagnosis, or even an effective treatment plan. I began to search for answers and found them in anti-ageing medicine. I am convinced that an aggressive approach on prevention is the only way to maintain health throughout the aging process."

Dr Felix believes: "You will never find HEALTH whilst focusing on illness and that is exactly what traditional Medicine does, it is ILLNESS focused!"

Practicing anti-aging and preventive medicine allows physicians to offer permanent solutions to help their patients achieve optimal health rather than just temporary treatments. Dr Soraya Felix also helps her patients develop a total wellness plan that includes advanced nutrition plans, anti-ageing protocols and bio- identical hormone therapy.

What is Anti-Ageing Medicine?

Anti-ageing medicine is a clinical specialty and is founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases. It is a healthcare model promoting innovative science and research to prolong the healthy lifespan in humans. As such, anti-aging medicine is based on principles of sound and responsible medical care that are consistent with those applied in other preventive health specialties. The phrase "anti-ageing," as such, relates to the application of advanced biomedical technologies focused on the early detection, prevention, and treatment of ageing-related disease.

It Is Scientific: Anti-ageing diagnostic and treatment practices are supported by scientific evidence and therefore cannot be branded as anecdotal.

It Is Evidence Based: Anti-ageing medicine is based on an orderly process for acquiring data in order to formulate a scientific and objective assessment upon which effective treatment is assigned.

It Is Well Documented: (by peer-reviewed journals.)As of this website (www.drfelix.com.au), the National Library of Medicine (PubMed) hosts more than 3,500 peer-reviewed articles on the subject of anti-aging medicine.

MaterDerm provides extraordinary cosmetic results, with minimal risk, rapid recovery (4 days) and much more affordable than other modalities.

Compounding Products

Dr Soraya Felix prescribes compounded skin treatments, not cosmetic products! The rationale behind this is that healthy skin produces its own oils, moisture which makes the skin glow and look beautiful. To achieve this result Dr Soraya Felix restores the skin to its natural health with compounded tailored products. These tailored products are totally free of preservatives, dyes, perfumes, parabens, metals and all endocrine disrupters present in most cosmetic products (which in turn can promote cancer and gland disturbances).

What is exactly a compounding product?

Compounding (also pharmaceutical compounding and compounding pharmacy) is the creation of a particular pharmaceutical product to fit the unique needs of a patient. To do this, Compounding Pharmacists combine and/or process appropriate ingredient(s) utilising various tools. This may be done for medically necessary reasons, such as to change the form of the medication from a solid pill to a liquid, to avoid a non-essential ingredient that the patient is allergic to, or to obtain the exact dose needed. All of these products are tailored made, with some being Bio Identical Hormones.

What are bio-identical hormones?

The interest in a more natural approach to hormone therapy has focused attention on bioidentical hormones — hormones that are identical in molecular structure to the hormones women make in their bodies. They're not found in this form in nature but are made, or synthesized, from a plant chemical extracted from yams and soy. Bioidentical estrogens are 17 beta-estradiol, estrone, and estriol. (Estradiol is the form of estrogen that decreases at menopause.) Bioidentical progesterone is simply progesterone. It's micronized (finely ground) in the laboratory for better absorption in the body.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is often called "natural hormone therapy" because bioidentical hormones act in the body just like the hormones we produce. But here again, that tricky word natural muddies the waters. Pregnant mares' urine is natural, but Premarin is not bioidentical, at least not to human estrogen. Bioidentical hormones means that thhhey have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as endogenous human hormones. In contrast, nonbioidentical, or synthetic, hormones are structurally dissimilar from endogenous hormones.

Technically, the body can't distinguish bioidentical hormones from the ones your ovaries produce. On a blood test, your total estradiol reflects the bioidentical estradiol you have taken as well as the estradiol your body makes. Using tailored replacement one can receive the least amount of hormones and be monitored accordingly by blood tests and symptoms.

Just because they are bio identical does not mean they are risk free, they are still hormones and should only be used under careful assessment and monitoring.

Nowadays there is evidence that the use of Bio Identical Hormones is effective as main treatment or adjuvant for medical conditions, such as:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Adrenal disorders
  • Andropause (male version of menopause)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fertility
  • Post natal depression
  • Joint degenerative diseases
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Shoulder tendinitis
  • High blood pressure

And the list keeps increasing, because It is common belief that when people get old, we stop producing hormones. But in actual fact, people get old BECAUSE the body stops producing hormones! Non Surgical Facelift treatments